Five Kinds Of Emotions Make Content Marketing More Attractive In The Eyes Of Readers

A guide on how to increase the appeal of Content Marketing to the eyes of readers. provide 5 types of emotions that can be used to begin.


The people around you may forget what you did to them, but they’ll forever remember the feelings you left them.

So, emotions are among of the main factors that help in the transfer information more efficient and more efficient.

In addition, many readers consider an article to be a resource not just for the content, but also due to the credibility and worth of the author because they trust their true impressions gained from reading the article.

To create emotion when it comes to content marketing We need to know the kinds of emotions readers feel when they read articles such like:

1) Fearful feelings makes Content Marketing attractive

Other emotions can bring customers excitement when they access information. Particularly, the sensation of fear is one emotion you must incorporate into your writing to allow the reader to better accept the idea you offer.

For example, you might recall the famous advertising campaign “No excuse – Wear a helmet” by Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam in 2007. There are many reasons to not wearing the proper helmet. The campaign presented shocking and realistic footage of the negative consequences that if you don’t wear a helmet when in traffic. The campaign showed that the accident could have happened to us all.

When they are anxious and anxious, they are more likely to allow their emotions to overtake them and create the desire to purchase an item to gain feeling secure. Anyone, including a person, has never felt this type of sensation. This isn’t simply because they are trying be able to come to the best decision However, they need to be afraid of the consequences of making mistakes.

To ensure that ’emotional fear’ to avoid becoming an unwieldy weapon it is essential to understand about, study, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product. Develop content wisely that highlights the product’s uniqueness in comparison to its rivals without making the user doubt the quality of the items on the market.

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2) Feelings of love

Each reason to make people grow is usually due to the love for one another. It is a powerful emotion. People will go to any lengths to express their appreciation to someone they cherish, in a method or other.

They tend to be more inclined to value things that are close and familiar and familiar, except for Brand (Brand).

If you establish the connection between emotions of love, people are more likely to take in information in a superior way. And that’s not all the emotional aspect of love can also make consumers thirsty for goods. The effectiveness of marketing will be evident in the continual growth in sales.

For instance: During the biggest holidays consumers are always looking to show their love to the person they cherish most. This is why companies are constantly creating new products and advertising campaigns that focus on emotion, which is causing people to spend more.

In particular, during the especially on the Olympics, P&G launched a campaign to honor the silent. Yet, amazing mother of Olympic athletes, in particular, as well as all mothers throughout the world generally. Through this campaign, P&G not only promotes an increase in sales , but additionally builds Brand Love with a segment of mothers who use diapers.

3) Pride and feelings of pride

According to Maslow’s pyramid of need the most important thing for human beings is their need to be assertive. They are always trying to display their beliefs and skills and abilities to gain acceptance and respect from others within the society.

Every decision that consumers engage in when making their buying decisions today is what demonstrates their self-worth to the world in the coming years.

Thus, you must encourage this touchpoint in order in order to enhance the experience for customers, and to enhance the feeling of satisfaction and pride the ownership of their product.

Illustration: Golfers often share an interest in drinking wine since it shows their fashionable, elegant life style, based on their ideals. To promote wine to this particular segment of consumers it is important to emphasize the superiority of your product , and prove the benefits of using it to your clients.

A more realistic example now, Apple is considered as an essential ‘ornament’ for young people who take selfies every time they checking in on social media. Because of the ownership of the products of Apple young people are able to are confidently showing their fashionable lifestyles.

In the age of information technology Content creators must be able to comprehend the demands of human expression and take it to a whole new level in order to create viral content. Look at and tackle problems with care and try to give them an opportunity to speak their viewpoint.

In addition, by observing user behavior, we can observe that social media users are more likely to show their worth through sharing personal information about their issues. Take care of their personal pages. They are interested for Content but do do not necessarily a fan of it. Sometimes, they do not know the details However, they still want to publish the Content to show their style and an eye for.

4.) Feelings of greed

In the course of our marketing, we’ve realized that people who are greedy tend to spend more than average people. For them, being able to afford anything is enough, and they’ll take any cost to get what they want.

Every brand makes the most of this psychological connection to increase the probability of success in trading, which makes sales occur more often and efficiently. A strategy to fight the urge to be greedy will make customers less likely to be hesitant and spend more impulsively.

For instance, the holiday season is that big brands release attractive promotional offers including customer support services that let customers feel like they are getting a bargain in the midst of a long day. Often.

5) Feelings touched

When making a purchase often what consumers want is something they don’t really want. The reason for each purchase is a rationale that only customers can appreciate. Most often, the root of the problem will be centered around these concerns: fame, money relationships, love, and money.

Sigmund Freud, who is known as the “Psychoanalyst”, said: “Repressed emotions will never end. They are just dead and returned in the most unattractive appearance.

If you invest time in studying and discovering the stories that are hidden and the stories you deliberately hid of the Target people you’re targeting. This is an obvious benefit that makes your Content Marketing unique and effective. Read a 5-step guide about identifying and analysing Target Audiences to aid in the process of creating content.

For instance:

In every successful and memorable advertising campaign, it tackles the issues that arise in the world and are successfully addressed. It helps those who have finished watching the content feel energized and relaxed, easing anxiety and pressure.


In this moment, you are aware of the important information about emotional aspects that are essential to Content Marketing. Implementing this knowledge by creating Content for media platforms will help you to produce naturally and with more ease in the future. We hope you enjoyed this article “Make Content Marketing Attractive”


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