How Much Money Do You Make With 20k+ Subscribers On YouTube

In the beginning, it is essential to know how bloggers earn money through YouTube.

There are a variety of ways that the video blogger can earn money. Let’s look at the financials that go along with each.

1. YouTube AdSense

YouTube AdSense affiliate program YouTube AdSense affiliate program is one of the most well-known ways to earn money from your videos.

While there are numerous ways to earn money from YouTube but it is the only way to earn money from Google.

In this way, Google will display ads on your videos. From the total revenue earned through the ads, YouTube will receive the 45% as well as pay you for the remainder 55 percent.

There is no way to estimate what exactly a video blogger earns through Adsense. The reason is that the amount of ad revenue depends on many variables, and the amount bloggers earn differs greatly.

Imagine a company that leases banner ads in the central area of your city. Then, think about another business renting it in a small town. Lowcostsmm website can help you increase viewers, subscribers, and shares on YouTube. The link takes a little time to get activity on your channel.

There’s a significant cost difference between these two. In the same way, the cost of hiring an advertising banner will vary based on its size, the type of banner, whether it’s a billboard or flash banner, and other elements.

Just as the money you make by renting advertising space is contingent upon a variety of variables, YouTube advertising revenue also is dependent on numerous aspects.

Let’s take a look on each of these elements.

Factors that influence the earning potential on YouTube

How much you make from YouTube is contingent upon the following variables:

1. the main sources of the sources of.

Most of the time, traffic from USA and UK is charged a higher price per visit (CPC) in comparison to Tier 2 nations like India, Brazil, South Africa and so on.

In the end in the same amount of views, assuming exactly the same (Click Through Rate) CTR, YouTube will be able to earn more from US as well as UK traffic.

Therefore, YouTube will pay you more in exchange for similar.

2. The demographics of your visitors.

Age gender, gender, and the other factors that affect the demographics of your traffic can also impact your earnings.

However, there is no specific rule that states that demographics are the only way to generate more income however traffic that includes teens and people with low incomes typically earn lower than the traffic which includes people who work particularly the rich.

3. niche videos.

YouTube typically shows ads to users who have already subscribed to the content that they’re watching. Therefore, the video niche is an additional important aspect that raises the cost per click.

Videos that are tech-related usually are more expensive per click than political or news videos.

4. Type of advertisement.

YouTube shows a variety of advertisements. TrueView and Bumper ads pay you per click, while pay-per-click ads earn money for every click to the advertisement.

Some advertisements are viewed as unimportant by users, whereas others aren’t. If they are skipped, will not be considered to be credited to the advertiser so you won’t make any money from the ads. Subscribers to YouTube are not expensive.

Similar to pay-per-click ads, when the user does not take action on the advertisement then you get nothing.

5. The Click-Through Rate (CTR) CTR is the number of clicks per 1,000 impressions of the ad

Your earnings could also depend on the effectiveness of advertisements. The higher the CTR is higher, the greater your earnings.

6. Retention of Audience

Google and YouTube are awestruck by high-quality videos. Therefore, if viewers view the video to the end, they will show that the content was of high quality, which means that the video will be able to fetch more money per click the next time.

Furthermore more, the longer the watching duration, the more advertisements will be displayed to the viewer, resulting in more earnings.

7. Amount of subscribers.

A YouTube channel with millions of users will have higher CPC and CPI advertisements than an unpopular YouTube channel that has zero or very little subscribers.

Profit planning using AdSense

It is impossible to create a business plan without knowing your financial numbers. It’s a bad idea to make investments of time and money without knowing how much profits and investments will be.

The issue is how much do YouTubers earn?

It’s true that there’s no cash calculator available on YouTube. Let’s perform some maths to find an estimate of you can expect to earn. YouTube will pay per million impressions under YouTube AdSense. YouTube AdSense programme.

Numerous estimates suggest that YouTubers can earn anywhere from $3 to $10 per 1,000 views using CPC(per per click) as well as CPI(per views) advertisements.

Then here’s the answer to the million-dollar question: What are video bloggers paid in a year per one million hits?

If 1 million viewers were to be watched, income will be ($3 or $10) (1,000) = $3,000-$10,000 every million times.

2. Affiliate Marketing

While YouTube AdSense is a good opportunity to earn money, if you’re not targeting the right geography or demographics, you might not earn much from YouTube AdSense.

That’s why bloggers utilize affiliate marketing to generate income.

Bloggers who engage in affiliate marketing typically post videos of product reviews. They also upload videos of purchases that are not packed.

The bloggers then include affiliate links in the description area on the page. If someone purchases an item using the link, they are paid an income.

It’s difficult to determine the amount they earn since it is contingent on these factors.

  • CTR = Click-Through Rate (CTR) for affiliate hyperlinks
  • Conversion Rate (people who clicked your affiliate link, and then purchased the product)
  • Commission per product sale

If we can determine the cost of selling products and we are able to estimate the earnings of affiliate-based marketing.

The CTR for affiliate links typically falls between 0.5 percent and 3.3%. Let’s consider the average CTR of 2.2%. If you have 1 million views, the total number of users who click your affiliate links will be the equivalent of 20,000.

Therefore, the conversion rate for the majority of affiliate-based products is within the 2%-5 percent range.

If you have a percentage of conversion, then the amount of people who purchase products or services via your affiliate links will be 600.

Thus, if you earn 10 cents per sale for the product, your revenue from one million views would be $6,000.

3. Videos to promote your business

YouTube is among the most effective marketing tools. This is why YouTube’s AdSense program has been so effective.

However, a small percentage of people care about advertisements, so viewers often are likely to skim past them off or not paying attention in any way

Therefore, brands choose the opposite approach by paying for an advertisement.

The majority of brands use video bloggers to make a one-off video that focuses on a product launch , store opening, or other similar occasion.

Certain companies have a partnership with the YouTube channel in exchange for which the YouTuber will be required to advertise their products by suggesting them to their followers.

For instance the cooking channel could have the camera focus on a specific type of spices or other items because the channel’s owner makes use of the same.

Bloggers pay a fixed fee that is by the amount of views that are expected from the videos. The typical cost is somewhere between $50 and $10 for 1,000 views.

If a video is anticipated to receive one million views, then the cost of the video that is sponsored will be anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000.

It’s an enormous amount when compared with YouTube AdSense or even affiliate marketing.

But, most brands use channels that are promoted.

If your videos don’t get between one hundred thousand to 1 million views, then you will not be able to earn some money this way.

Even if you achieve success, you’ll receive them from smaller companies that might be on a tight budget, and thus will cost you less.

An example of calculating the income from the YouTube channel

You have 50,000 subscribers and you upload two videos every week. You average 20000 views per video, and you’ve got 200 videos. This is what you can anticipate:

You’ll receive 80,000 views and another 100,000 views per month for those 200 additional videos. Let’s estimate that to 200 000 views.

If YouTube advertising is concerned, it’s roughly 500 dollars (maybe more, or maybe less).

You get 2 sponsorships for 2 different videos – $20/1000 views x 20,000 views / video x 2 videos = $800

You can include affiliate links to several items (your cameras review, a product or service, etc.). Let’s say your affiliate links are visible to 50,000 people.

This is equivalent to an additional 500 in sales from affiliates.

Imagine you launch an item of your own (it could be the form of a mug, T-shirt, Hoodie, ebook, physical book, course, etc. ).

Let’s suppose you made 10 dollars (profit) per sale, and that 100000 people (views) have seen your product. You’ll probably sell around 500 units, that’s an additional $5,000.

Total = $500 advertising plus $500 sponsorship + 500 affiliate sales the value of $5,000 for your product = $6,500

Just a quick note:

Selling your own products is a major source of around the entire amount you earn.

The money you earn earned from YouTube advertisements is 7.6 percent of the amount you can earn from YouTube.

If you’re doing the right kind of marketing and you are able to earn a decent amount of cash on YouTube.

Imagine that you have 5 million or 500,000 customers. You would be millionaires. In fact, the majority of video bloggers who have more than 2 million subscribers are now millionaires.


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