The Top 10 Tips For Becoming A Successful Digital Product Manager

In this post we’ll dig into the top 10 tips for becoming a successful digital Product Manager, from the skills and experience to qualities that you need to have to succeed as an online product manager.

If you’ve been watching my work on Medium you’ll be aware that I’m fascinated by managing digitally-generated products. Simply put, it’s the most rewarding job in tech! You’re paid a great salary to create things that people enjoy What is the most frequent time that this can occur? Let’s talk about how to become a successful online product manager. These are my 10 top strategies to be successful whether it’s a specific product or technology – you will be acknowledged as an expert in your business. Write frequently and regularly on Medium, LinkedIn and Quora You’ll gain an audience and be noticed by your extensive knowledge of the subject.

This is the perfect way to prepare yourself to become a kick-ass producer Communicating clearly with those in the industry about difficult issues to ensure they can understand what you’re saying creating long-term relationships that enable your credibility to grow and earning respect from your colleagues by sharing your expertise. Your profile is likely to draw high-ranking executives to read your writing and they’ll likely seek advice on their products as well (heck I got my two previous jobs through this method). What’s the best part? You determine the tone in terms of subjects you are particularly interested in.

I’m writing this blog because I’m going that I must make. draw lots of ideas from blogs about product management and forums, yet I rarely ever do I share the lessons I’ve learned. As an example the last time I checked the feeds of my Facebook and Google social channels were flooded with posts from managers at Facebook and Google discussing their latest initiatives to measure engagement . When someone contacted me to me for suggestions regarding how to assess the effectiveness of a news application I didn’t have much to have to say. If you hadn’t realized already, I’ll admit that I’m an ex-academic who has come back . Academia has assisted me throughout the years to be more effective as a researcher, communicator and thinker .

However , it comes with some drawbacks as well: it can be very lonely, there’s no time to think about the big picture The majority of what you read is written in journals that aren’t accessible and do not have a large readership. That’s at least one reason why I’ve been quiet online. I’m taking a break from my cocoon for a moment to write about something that I’ve been working on over the course of this year What is the best way to measure the level of engagement we have with news? In particular when all the other people are writing about it why shouldn’t I?

The big issue It’s generally accepted that the user’s metrics are a crucial performance indicator for applications . It can be that everything we do relies on them, whether our app is featured on the internet or not, or if funding continues or doesn’t. If you’re not using the right statistics the chances of success over the long run are slim , a fact that is especially true for the app industry.

This is a challenge for us as news developers however, because it means our work is evaluated against social media or entertainment apps and not against other media forms! There’s no reliable indicators to measure engagement with news . In reality, there’s very little difference between what we think about as “news” and what measures well in an app store. There are some poor examples:

The problem here is simple The fact that you click on links doesn’t mean you’re engaging with something – particularly when those links lead you to various applications! A listicle doesn’t possess the same standards that a longer-form piece of writing about business or politics. It could certainly bring visitors to a website but it’s not an indicator of the amount someone is interested about the topic being addressed.

Intuitively, the engagement of non-entertainment-related content is different from content that is primarily entertainment or videos. It is difficult to measure this type of engagement, except by anecdotally. And regardless it’s not going to be measured solely by clicks.

The reality is that there’s no method that can be used to determine the level of engagement with news stories . It is unfair to place them under the same standards as other apps in the Play Store, but until we can gather better data, there likely isn’t a viable solution! What is successful in one place could not work in another. What is appealing to younger people may not attract older individuals… You get the concept. Without a concrete method to gauge the level of engagement across all countries it’s just an assessment.

In the near future, we’ll likely include more specific guidelines on the things you should avoid or be conscious of when creating the content ratings for your application. We remain convinced that this is a decision-making process from our side and wish you understood the reason we designed our rating as broad as is possible.


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