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British conservatism has for a long time shut the door of Britain for workers who are migrant who come from “third world” countries. However this British government is now becoming increasingly interested in the growth of their country through the help of legal immigrants. Seasonal workers are accepted in the country and they are even planning to ease the process of gaining work in the next six-month period. The kingdom is open to researchers, business leaders , and entrepreneurs. You can visit the country with no invitation from their employer. Additionally, you could find UK jobs with no language proficiency and not having a higher education if you’ve been granted a job by a local business. It is important to be aware for the fact that you’ll have to put in the effort. But, the salaries in England are higher than those elsewhere in Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Who is eligible for an entry-level job for a job in United Kingdom?

Local factories, hotels, restaurants , and even families with money are searching for employees for the following jobs:

– cook;

– housekeeper;

– nurse;

Builder (all kinds of construction work);

A handyman to warehouses or factories;

– packer;

The driver

– maid;

– dishwasher;

– waiter, etc.

In the field of agriculture, there are workers needed to perform the following tasks:

A handyman at the farms;

A handyman in the greenhouse to plant raspberries, mushrooms, strawberries as well as vegetables, lettuce.

What is the advantages of working in the UK?

The range of jobs available isn’t a lot However, plenty of workers are required and the opportunity to earn the equivalent of six dollars in British pounds remains.

The farm has to perform various tasks: pruning trees in the garden picking berries and vegetables in the fields as well as in greenhouses. sorting, and packing the products in warehouses. Ukrainian recruiters can offer the services of any farm. 50 English firms accept foreign employees. The contract duration is 5-6 months. It is during this time that the minimum work visa for workers is granted.

If you want to work as a handyman in English at a minimum is desirable, but is not required for employment. There are Russian-speaking groups in factories and farms and it is possible to talk with the curator only being able to speak Russian.

In England the United Kingdom, it is not possible to hire minors in a formal way. When a worker reaches 18 can he get hired. Additionally, they are not willing to hire people aged 40-45. Certain farms are willing to recruit employees, even after the age of 60.

The schedule for work is 8-12 hours daily and 5-6 days per week. You are able to work longer however, the weekly working time shouldn’t be more than 60 hours.

What is the average amount that the wages of seasonal employees to be paid in England?

Workers are paid a salary using credit cards, either every month or on a weekly basis. It is common practice to making payments using special checks. Minimum wage starts at 1800 euro per month to employees on farms or greenhouses.

Taxes on income can be taken from employees when the amount of income is greater than 14000 euros per month (in fact, it’s virtually impossible to make that much at an hourly wage that is 9-10 euro). Sometimes , pension contributions fund are taken out, but recruiters address the problem with the employer, and the payments are ended.

Companies employ paid leave. At the end of the six-month period the company pays between 110 and 170 euros per month for the month they work. The bonus amount of 140 euro may be earned if you are employed on the Farm for the duration of six months.

How can I find an employment opportunity for a job in England?

The British have a negative view of those who seek to be in the country illegally. The formal employment system is a source of peace for both sides of the labor relationship. It is not advisable to make money in England in the event that you’ve violated the laws of labor at least one time and were found to be illegal in the United Kingdom.

It is possible to work when you have an invitation from your employer as well as a contract of employment. The following categories of people can traverse over the British border without the need for these documents:

1. students;

2. staff;

3. artists;

4. teachers;

5. educators;

6. students who are studying English in the depth.

A EU passport can open the door to the English job market.

Prices for houses within the UK.

Housing for migrants can be found near to the work place. There are hostels in which two to four people reside in rooms. There are trailers too. They can house up to 3-6 people. Inside, an essential set of furniture and cooking utensils. The cost of housing could be an additional charge of about EUR 60 per month.

A home you rent on your own can be expensive when compared to paying. The cost of a 1-room apartment that comes with facilities in London starts at 1000 euros. A studio apartment with one bed starts at 2000 euros.

Within the English capital, it’s usual to rent a space. The price of renting ranges from 600 euros to the equivalent of one half million euros. The cost of living in a hostel costs less, starting from $400 per month.

The closer your house is located near the palace of the Queen The further it is from the royal palace, the more it will be. For a room in a residence near the Queen’s Castle you have to spend around 3,000 euros per month.

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